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Follow up on the F-Cut

Could've done this sooner but I've been procrastinating like crazy lately... So I've deleted everyone who hasn't commented in my previous post. Which reduces my friend list to... 16 friends! =O Sucks because some of these people I loved reading about what they had to say but what's the point if what I have to say doesn't interest them?

If you didn't see the F-cut post or simply forgot about it or whatever reason and you wish to be kept in my friend list, comment here and I'll most probably add you back. But only if you genuinely read my Livejournal... I don't want people who only keeps me for the sole reason of having shitloads of people in their F-list.

One other thing;

Please take me off your Friend-List if you don't want to be added back in my list. I HATE an uneven Friend-List.

P.S.: Damn... how many times have I said "list" in this post?
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Deleted comment

No Problem.
Eep, sorry! I've been very busy with work and RL that I didn't even see your post about your f-cut. I'd love to still be on your list though because I like to read about you and how you're getting on. :)
It's fine. I added you back. ;)
Keep me I do read your journal :D
You already posted in the previous post so I already kept you.
Seven times.

Adding you back. ;)
C'est tu normal que je n'ai vu aucun nouveau post de ta part depuis celui où tu demandes qui veut rester dans tes amis?

C'est très normal! J'ai été full paresseuse et j'ai rien poster depuis. =/
Grazie mille for keeping me, Nesska! *huggles*
Oh! Love the new layout by the way!


11 years ago

My pleasure! ::hugs::

7 times.


*Waves and goes to get ready for school*